GOOG I-Watch


Dec 2 - Fool's gold

Turns out IIJI offered an incredible short opp yesterday after all, and SEAC today. GOOG continued up almost to 420 but constant selling by institutions and insiders unloading are reasons to wait. Meanwhile the ranks of Google skeptics swell. Sh scalped FINL 19.20-18.60. Short NCTY 16.30.


Nov 30 - GOOG's next big move

GOOG is sure to rebound from the dump and they made the bottom pretty easy to spot today. Sold Dec 390 puts, doubled up on Dec 420 calls. Long BCRX 15.70.


Nov 29 - Takin' out the stops

There are two sure things coming from Santa this season, 1) mega bonuses for the Street and 2) profit taking on the year's winners. So it's a bit early for GOOG but nevermind that because the gifts aren't intended for the little guy. The media provides a smoke screen for the sudden sell off with some convenient and random excuses, no matter how stupid. They lazily blame GOOG's drop on disappointing holidays sales forcasts. And when AAPL and AMZN start to slide it'll be the $500 gold or the blizzard in the midwest.

Sh scalped SCMR 4.25-4.15. Picked up some GOOG Dec puts, expecting more panic selling before the bounce.


Nov 28 - Ringling Bros Big Top

A timely article from Forbes, and their best in a long time, on how 'sophisticated' investors still get suckered. 'Tis the season.

With all that raw processing power, it's hard for the Xbox 360 to not blow away older consoles. But unlike the Playstation, Bill Gates' little white box is paving the way for his vision of dominating the world through an all-purpose home network appliance, a distinction which the NYTimes reviewer recognizes but is oddly overlooked by the sages at the Economist.

Finally a pundit ponders the irrationality of China-fear. Thank you, Ben Stein. Notice per capita GDP there needs to increase 40x to match the US. So the China boom means China is unlikely to end up like the Soviet Union. Congratulations, Mao and Deng.

Covered EPIX 5.20-5.20. Covered TRMS 12-11.50. Sh scalped NYNY 6.15-5.80.