GOOG I-Watch


Nov 4 - Flat Friday

Low floaters SVNX and ZVXI carry another day, joined by SANM and NYNY which surged on news. But fewer tradeable moves in an overall flat day. PWEI and EXPE gapped up but slid, FARO gapped down but bounced.

Shorted SINA too low but still amazed it held above 23 so well. Lesson here is that commie stocks defy market principles. Covered at 24, worst trade in 2 months. Still short VICL 6. Long ZVXI 11 and NYNY 7 for cont'd momo, MFLX 32 on Friday's impressive earnings.


Nov 3 - Smokin or just smoke?

Nov appears in full swing but doubts about this 'restrained rally' still linger among some. Meanwhile ABGX, PCLN, ONXX led the big gainers. SVNX getting volatile but could touch 7.

Increasing number of breakouts on the radar, but a good short is hard to resist. Holding short VICL 6. Unloaded ACTT .40-.45 today on declining vol. Shorted SINA 22.50 AH on missed earnings, lowered guidance. Expecting a dip to the low 20s.


Nov 2 - That's more like it

Small cap highlights were ZVXI, MMUS, SVNX, with less bailing after the action.

Covered JBSS 14-13.50. Notice ranks of 'momo' short plays are getting thin. Had to short VICL 6 on its unimpressive earnings. But may run for cover tomorrow. Long ACTT .35+ after a nearly 100% retracement on a large pop today following financing news. Risky penny but liking the reward from here.


Nov 1 - Halloween II

Another wasted day, cursed with sideways action. No crash yet but technicals are still dubious. Action in SVNX, MMUS, NVAX with droves of scalpers. ZVXI was another low floater flying AH. Extremely risky to jump in any of these for too long.

Covered NTE near breakeven after a weird misprint yesterday added 60 cents to the bid/ask was corrected. Shorted JBSS 14. It closed in 13.40s only to go to 14 again AH due to another misprint. Curses.


Oct 31 - Dab of orange & black for the tape

A choppy day with meager gains in most sectors. Got suckered into SNTO on a possible run on its tiny float, barely got out with a profit. Money just wasn't committed, and the Dow's 40-pt slide at close was a fitting end to the Oct freak show. Concerns by a spooked fund manager and some concerns the tape painting by funds will continue into Nov and Dec could mean the shenanigans have just started.

Shorted NTE 22 anticipating fallout from today's disappointing guidance, only to watch in horror as a bizarre gap-up reversal put the position under water. It's Halloween.