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Dec 5 - BYOB

Covered NCTY 16.30-15.80, couldn't stomach any more insane pops on low vol. Short LEXR 7.70. More downside action in GOOG, in some GOOG Dec 420 calls. This one may be a rollercoaster thru expir Friday.


Blogger the_spy said...

Its economies of scale that’s the issue. A comparison of small investment clubs vs. huge funds has been going on for decades and they simply don’t play the same game. Those nice old ladies from Nowhereville can have all the fun they like but trying to make returns on hundreds of millions is a great deal different then on the tidy sum of all that 60k they whip around the markets. These little comparisons have been tossed out by writers trying to make shocking headlines for decades, they’re not very useful articles.

And lets not forget those nice people that made a lot of money off a book they wrote, those warm fuzzy guru’s from Beardstown. They neatly forgot to tell you they included their monthly fees and deposits they collected from their members are income and added them to their % returns. They should have returned the money they made off the books.

Interesting blog, quite a bit better then some of the crap and lies that Roberto and Jacob post on their blogs. Do you do much options trading? Ive only scratched the surface of your blog so forgive me if you’ve posted a lot of options info and trades.

12/06/2005 3:31 PM  
Anonymous Card Counting Books said...

Yes it is all a fantasy

5/28/2011 7:36 AM  

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