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Week of Nov 13 - Bring lots of powder

Time to start clearing slots on the watchlists in preparation for the full force of this 'bull' market. Amazing how attached one becomes to the one-trick symbols, perhaps the emotional precurser to growing attached to a position. Avoid this at all cost, along with the talking heads and slick Street analysts. Focus on the breakouts, the breakdowns and a market that's poised to move big and fast in coming days.

The endgame stock to watch is MSFT, which tracks the Naz like no other tech bellwether. With two major products in the pipeline, its prospects are a natural draw for tech bulls. But Google looks ready to release a bundle of pain as it teams up with Firefox, the #2 browser. The softies are obviously concerned. Rumors that Google may actually relocate to Seattle would be about as direct as direct challenges go. The problem with GOOG is that the young company's rapid growth doesn't seem to measure anything apart from itself, let alone benefit anyone else. In fact, it grows at the apparent expense of others, grabbing for a bigger slice of the same tech pie. Sorry Bill Gates, but even your business is a zero sum game.


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