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Nov 18 - Fridays

Another Friday of shoulda, coulda, wouldas to fuel impatience at the end of another week. AMZN & YHOO zoom to 52 wk highs to round out this tech rally. But little momo today apart from MRVL, CHDX, DITC. UARM's IPO a disappointment considering it was hyped like BOT and BIDU. VRA moved late and fast on news its drug could treat bird flu. Would short it if it wasn't already so cheap.

Sold CNTF 12.75-13.25, coulda bought this momo play at 10.25 but cancelled the order. Sold LTON 11.70-11.20, shoulda waited on this china play to be sure new money would come. ADSK was the breakdown of the day, but the chart looked too bullish. Short GPS 17 and HLTH 7 on disappointing numbers & lowered guidance. Surprise came as HLTH announced a share buy back. A slick but obviously desperate move. Short BIOM 1.75 on an apparent day late pop on vaccine trial update.


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