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Nov 16 - 52 week highs...

A huge day as the 'tech rally' tops off with MSFT at 27.75, GOOG near 400, AAPL at 65, even YHOO at 40. Other big gainers were mixed, ATEA bounced off its dma to print another doji star, while CNTF jumped above its line on strong earnings. HORC rebounding but on precarious vol. IFO still being pushed to dizzying new heights in the same manner. Left behind are domestic auto makers and airlines, their shares having sunk to 1987 levels. Simultaneous boom and bust?

Speaking of losers, BCSI faked a reverse on a broad sell-off, SFCC gave up 10 points in an hour to win the spectacular-explosion-of-the-week award. Covered UTSI 9-7.30, probably the best short opp of the week after SFCC. Still waiting for this rally to produce a huge once-in-a-quarter momo play. That's not asking too much with still over six weeks left.


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