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Nov 14 - Consolidating the top

Forget about due diligence, Buffett just goes with his gut. Here's more China-as-superpower nonsense, this time from a random sampling of America. The dead giveaway are the 30% who think Japan is about to overtake the US. Flash back to 1989, when Japan was about to overtake the US. Some things never change. What's different this time is that Japan (and China eventually) is about to experience negative population growth. Considering that there could be half a billion Americans in 35 years, that would be one helluva accomplishment in productivity. Maybe then the island's rapidly aging population will be surreptitiously replaced with life-like robots able to be 4-5x more productive than the American. Just maybe.

Back in the land of real growth, the number of derivatives traders is growing fast, along with the likelihood of shenanigans and a coming crisis. My best trade this year was buying LEXR at 3 on March 23, watching it shoot up AH on the court ruling against Toshiba and selling the next day at around 7.

Sold IFO 9-9.95 but failed to short the top. Covered BITS 4-3.70. Two amazing morning & afternoon short opps in PPTV and CTTYC. CPST flying AH, NGAS reports earnings.


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