GOOG I-Watch


Great Show on INHD


Volatility & Divergence

Oil continues plummeting but the OIH is coming off this morning's lows. Buy signal unless it closes weak.


Fade the rally

We're right back up to the line in only 5 days. Consolidation above the line could mean another run for the highs, otherwise it pulls back to sub 400 (again).


May 06 levels

AAPL sitting just under nearterm resistance in the 72s but it's not stopping there. Summer looks like a pullback as the market quietly goes higher, especially tech.


Tech earnings plays

Some decent earnings volatility of late in the sector: NCTY +2 pts, BIDU -20 pts, ERTS +3 pts. Setup next week is: NTES 20/17.50 strangle, SNDA 15 straddle.


More tech surprises

What looked like a breakdown in the making with AAPL (50 was major support after all) may turn out to be the year low as technicals got thrown out the window in one afternoon along with the shorts (and more shorts at 60) on no real news (again). I would've guessed the one tech volatile enough to do that was GOOG and not a trender like AAPL. But the trend for both of these was always up and that still hasn't changed (yet).


Strangles and Straddles

Earnings, earnings and more earnings.



These drillers are overheating fast (again) after that break below the line just 4 days ago. Yes, it was bearish and still is unless oil can set a new high and fast.

Rangeless bound

Appears to be precariously below the 200 but that could change in a heartbeat to prop up the S&P. The day of reckoning could be one more false break away.


pre-earnings trip

One of the few techs that still has a huge gap to fill, may happen quickly ala SHLD.